Candi Christensen

Hi my name is Candi Christensen and I am one of the stylists privileged to be a part of the Timothy Alan Salon family.  I have been a stylist now for the last fifteen years and I love what I do.  The past 12 years I was fortunate enough to have worked at Tom Walkers Hair Salon here in Snohomish.  The time had come for me to go a different direction with my career.  Having the opportunity to work with Timm and the rest of the stylists here was the exact direction I wanted to go.

I specialize in cuts and colors-foils on both men and women.  I also have quite a few children that I am lucky enough to be their stylist.  I enjoy learning new techniques and whenever possible I go to education classes.  One of my favorite things about my job is seeing the smile on my clients face as they go back to the real world.

I was raised in a small town in Idaho by the name of Weiser.  I graduated in 1990 and went to Boise State for a couple of years following graduation.  Shortly after that I moved to Monroe, Washington with my cousin and began attending Everett Plaza Beauty School.  Before graduation I moved to Snohomish and I have been blessed to live here ever since.

I have a daughter Ryanna who will be 10 this summer.  I also adopted and raised her half brother Michael who is now 21.  My life outside of the salon pretty much revolves around my daughter.  She is involved with sports and I love to watch her play.  She is also very fashion forward and loves to try to keep me looking “cool”.  She truly is my biggest fan.

I look forward to seeing my old friends/clients that I have missed greatly and I embrace the thought of making new friends/clients as I move forward with this chapter in my life.  Stop by if for nothing else but to say hi and see the beautiful new Timothy Alan Salon.

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