Timm Hall

I grew up here in Snohomish, I graduated from high school in 1988, then went right into to Beauty School and got Licensed in January of 1990… I then apprenticed in Seattle and then moved to Federal Way where I worked til 1998. I then took 5 years off from doing hair. After that I moved back to Snohomish and opened Aphrodite Hair Salon with Shelley and we were there for 9 years. Shelley decided to sell me her part of Aphrodite 5 years into the 9 years. I’m so grateful to Shelley for helping me get started back here in Snohomish. After a few remodels with Aphrodite I decided it was time to expand but needed a bigger space. I’ve always wanted a salon named after myself so here we are with Timothy Alan Salon… Looking forward to seeing you all at the salon.


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